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Here at productful we focus on markets where technology and innovation can unlock long-term value and drive economic growth.

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We help you identify meaningful products, give advisory for agile and web3 product ownership, and continuously employ data science and engineering.

Strategy meets Roadmap

Are you challenged with making your company goals & strategy actionable for your digital products? We can offer decades of combined experience to support you with this.

Data meets UX-Research insights

Do you need a better understanding of your problem? Are you lacking data or UX-R insights? Do the insights not clearly materialize in your products?

Understand the problem, create the solution

Struggling how to approach a product development endeavour? MVP, Walking Skeleton, Shipable Increment ...

Sustainable architecture & organization

Do you struggle with lead-time and time-to-ship in your organization?

Deep dive into blockchain technology

Will blockchain be a game changer to my business? What is Web3 and why is the internet of value so promising?

Web3 BUIDLer Table

You want to learn more about crypto & blockchain technology? You want to connect to fellow BUIDLers in the space, bounce ideas, and directions of thinking?

We believe in an open, trustless and permissionless web.

A few examples of our work — crafted with love for Web3.



The contractful protocol lets everyone create peer-2-peer, safe and secure Hiring Agreements.

Freelancers, service providers and also permanent employees can use contractful together with their clients or employers to manifest their collaboration terms on-chain.

  • Safe on a global scale.
  • Automated payments.
  • Full budget control.

Search Management UI

Search Management UI

SMUI is a tool for managing Solr- and Elasticsearch-based onsite search. It provides a web user interface for maintaining and deploying query rules. SMUI manages various of these querqy rules and may be used to deploy these to search engines. Each rule is associated with a search input, i.e. a term entered into the managed search engine’s query. Rules are defined in a set of rules.

  • Easily create sets of rules
  • Search Rules
  • Spelling Rules
  • Rule Tagging

You'll be in good company.

productful supports the further development of our UI-Tooling for more efficient control of our e-commerce platform with the aim of increasing profitability. We are also impressed by the professional competence, the pragmatic approach and the very pleasant collaboration.

Search Product Owner — Competec

The productful Players.

With more than 15+ years of experience in development, management, marketing and psychology, we can provide you with professional and effective solutions in a timely manner.

Paul Maria Bartusch

Paul Maria Bartusch

Co-Founder | Product & Technology

Superpower: 💫 Visionary building

Paul is a passionate and visionary Product Advisor with 15+ years of experience in various industries (billion EUR companies in e-commerce, search, mobility, music, IoT).

He brings together profound agile product management skills, as well as UX and business research methodologies, with an engineering and MIT data science background.

Eager to contribute, he also teaches at university in the metropolitan region of Hamburg (Germany) and has been active in the open-source community.

As the co-founder of productful, Paul is a strong believer that a data economic perspective, paired with foundational UX insights, carve out meaningful and superior digital products for the next horizon.

Juliana Isabell Bartusch

Juliana Isabell Bartusch

Co-Founder | Finance & Relationships

Superpower: 💫 Strengthen strengths

July is a supportive leader with a strong believe in a diverse team of people, with different perspectives, working towards a common goal.

Coming from top tier advertisement business, she has multiple years of experience in leading hyper-creative and super-technical collaborators to deliver high class results to challenging customers.

Her natural communication and networking skills getting rounded off by a background in the academic field of psychology and economics.

As the co-founder of productful, July aims for a respectful and creative team environment to carve out meaningful and superior digital products for the next horizon.

Our Values & Principles

The values that define us and our work.


Collaboration improves work quality as we are listening and evolving together, helping and supporting each other for the sake of a collective goal: reciprocity.


Solution development is complex. Often, things go wrong or do not work out as planned. Without openness, facts are obscure, and decision-making is based on speculative assumptions and a lack of data. No one can fix a secret.


We are actively creating working conditions where all team members develop the skills to take initiative and exploit their full potential to create value for the product we are working on.

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